New season

Sun May 05, 2024 · 2 min read


I’ve grown roots.

Life has seasons, and my “one-bag travel era” was a great one. Some years back my now-husband and I decided it was time to expand our lives beyond one-bag travel, to something greater than new cities, bustling airports, and the sounds of jet engines.

Yes, anywhere we went was a new and different place – but after years of new cities and even countries, they begin to feel the same. You fly in to Toronto on the red eye. It sort of looks like Boston, in parts, and everyone’s as weird-looking as in New York, or downtown Vancouver. The smells even remind you of Paris. Different coffee shops, same coffee.

It was time to stop hunting for new experiences and create our own instead. We invested in a new home, a bustling family life, and the sounds of childhood laughter. The things I own now wouldn’t fit in any size bag that I could carry on my own – and that feels great.

Will we travel again? Probably. I want our children to see the world when they’re old enough to understand it. I want to teach them how to navigate strange places, to make good choices, how to set a good course and then get where they’re going. How to do a lot with little. How to pack a bag – not just for a trip, but for the long road. Life.

I like this website I built, but my one bag has grown beyond it. I’ll leave the site here, for my kids to see someday, if websites on the Internet are still a thing by then.

I’m still writing, if you’d like to read.