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A couple years ago I embarked on a fully nomadic lifestyle and began living out of just one bag. I’ve had some pretty amazing experiences and feel compelled to share what I’ve learned. The information here includes gear reviews, photo-centric blog posts, and little data troves like what I’m packing.

Enjoy! If anything’s amiss or you just want to say hi, toss an envelope icon my way @hivickylai.

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But what about all your skincare and makeup?!

How I handle my skincare routine while traveling with just one carry-on bag.

Double-duty gear: fewer items that do more stuff

A recent few new acquisitions that do more than meets the eye.

My first zero-bag trip and why it was important

Further experiments in doing without, and Neil Gaiman.

What I learned by giving my things away for free

A little project that turned into some bigger lessons.

The Christmas Gear Roundup 2017

Everything I learned about gear in 2017.

Minaal Color Comparison

A quick comparison of Minaal's colors, with photos.